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Beauty & Personal Care

Holy Grail Nail

Holy Grail Nail is a beauty brand based in the UK. Their primary focus is to deliver fast, fun, and salon-quality nails with none of the drawbacks.
Beauty & Personal Care
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Case Study

Holy Grail Nails primarily aims to obtain UGC content for their paid marketing channels, Meta and TikTok.


  • The UGC delivered by influencers was of low quality, especially the one coming from gifted collaborations
  • Influencers would not follow instructions often, which led to back and forth in terms of video revisions
  • Extra fees for licensing in some cases


  • Clip's creators get paid per video and get to keep the products, which leads to high-quality videos
  • Instructions are followed as per the campaign, and if some of them are missed, they can be corrected with revisions or even replacing the collaboration
  • Videos from Clip come fully licensed for paid and organic marketing channels
creators approved
UGC videos
7 days
turnaround time


Best video performance



  • £7.8 cost per purchase
  • 4.6x ROAS
  • £5.66 CPM
  • £0.83 CPC

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Good range of creators and easy-to-navigate platform. Quick turnaround of videos - v happy

Profile picture
Shakira Drayton
Founder at Holy Grail Nail

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