1,190 conversions at a cost per conversion of £1.10 with Clip's UGC videos

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Founded in 2015, redwigwam is an online platform that uses innovative technology to match its 250,000-strong community of workers with businesses in a wide variety of sectors offering temporary or part-time roles, with a difference.
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Case Study

Redwigwam's primary purpose is to obtain UGC content for their paid marketing channels - Meta, TikTok, and LinkedIn. All the content must come licensed for paid channels, which Clip can fulfill.


  • UGC from creative studios is too expensive, and building a UGC pipeline is unsustainable just from a pricing perspective
  • On top of the price tags, UGC from creative studios often lacked the quality they were looking for
  • It's hard to find quality and reliable influencers in this industry for them


  • Clip's UGC is more affordable compared with creative studios, and because of performance and pricing, it's more realistic to build a UGC pipeline with us
  • Obtaining high-quality UGC videos from our creators in ~7 days, with one round of revisions included
  • 68 relevant applicants for their campaigns, with 19 of them approved
applicants (across 11 active campaigns)
creators approved
UGC videos
~7 days
turnaround time


Best video performance



  • £1,300 total spent
  • 1,190 conversions (workers registered and approved)
  • £1.10 cost per conversion
  • £4.16 CPM
  • 4,740 clicks
  • £0.28 CPC

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I love the platform — super easy to use, outstanding content creators who produce top-quality videos.

Digital Marketing Manager at redwigwam

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