Why Eartha Underwear replaced expensive influencers with content creators from Clip

Discover how this fashion brand obtained UGC videos for 32% less than it used to pay before joining Clip.

Case Study

Eartha's main goal is to obtain user-generated content for their new product lines and upcoming sales. The main purpose of the UGC content is to be used in advertising.


  • Videos from influencers were too expensive, starting on average at £200 for a one-minute video
  • For the same videos, influencers would charge £200 on a monthly basis as licensing fees
  • Managing influencer communications, deadlines, shipping, and other operations using multiple tools is not effective


  • 32% cut in initial costs for videos - while influencers charge a minimum of £200 for a one-minute video, the cost for the same asset on Clip is £129
  • Licensing is included by default with every video, making it even more affordable
  • Clip offered an end-to-end solution to manage creator discovery, communications, and other operational tasks


Eartha Underwear

Eartha Underwear is a wellness-inspired and eco-conscious underwear brand based in the United Kingdom.
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21 creators
that applied in 24 hours
5 out of 21
creators approved
including some variations of CTAs or hooks
total cost (including licensing and one edit)
average cost per video
8 days
turnaround time

Comparison with influencers

Based on a one-month timeframe and five 60 seconds UGC videos

Eartha Underwear saved £1355 for 5 videos by working with creators from Clip instead of influencers. The savings came from a more affordable starting price for the videos and then licensing fees.



  • Pricing - £1000 (£200 per video)
  • Licensing fees - £1000 (£200/video/month)

Clip's creators


  • Pricing - £645
  • Licensing fees - £0 (included in the price)
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Founder & CEO at Eartha Underwear

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