How Kollo Health obtained affordable UGC videos for their social media channels

Beauty brand Kollo Health worked with Clip on a number of campaigns. See their results below.

Case Study

As an e-commerce beauty brand, Kollo Health aims to build a pipeline of UGC videos for its social media channels. Due to the nature of the product, customers need to see the product's features and its benefits on a regular basis.


  • Finding the right creators, the ones that can resonate with their brand
  • UGC from influencers ended up four times more expensive, with fees and licensing
  • UGC generated from gifted collaborations had a poor quality


  • In just 48 hours, Kollo Health had 15 applicants for their initial campaign, filling all their 10 spots
  • Affordable UGC videos - all the videos come with licensing included and one round of revisions for free, which saved hundreds for Kollo
  • High-quality UGC obtained from Clip's creators


Kollo Health

The UK's leading liquid collagen brand, backed by science and specially formulated to support whole-body health for both men and women.
Beauty & Wellness
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15 creators
that applied in 48 hours
10 out of 15
creators approved
13 UGC
including some variations of CTAs or hooks
total cost (including licensing and one edit)
average cost per video
9 days
turnaround time

Our audience engagement has skyrocketed since we started using this app. People relate to and resonate with content created by their peers, and we've seen a significant increase in likes, comments, and shares across our digital platforms.

It's also cost-effective: using UGC significantly reduces our content production costs. Instead of pouring resources into creating every piece of content ourselves, we can now leverage the creativity of our customers, resulting in substantial savings.

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Co-Founder & CEO at Kollo Health

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