How to Find Content Creators for Your Marketing Campaign

How do I find content creators to make content for my brand? Where do I even start?

Stefan Afrăsinei

by Stefan Afrăsinei

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"How do I find content creators to make content for my brand? Where do I even start?"

"UGC costs HOW MUCH?"

"I feel like I'm in over my head."

If any of those phrases are relatable, we know the feeling. It's hard to find content creators.

Worry no more. In this article, you'll discover:

  1. The differences between content creators and influencers.
  2. Where to find content creators.
  3. Things to consider when you're looking for content creators online.

Read to the end, and we'll show you how one brand generated amazing results with UGC from content creators – and where they found those UGC creators, so you can do the same!

What are content creators though?

Content creators are regular people like you and me (unless you're famous 🧐) who create videos, photos, or reviews for brands they love.

They're different from influencers because they don't have an online following and brands aren't paying them to post on their social media accounts.

Customers consider non-influencer creators to be more authentic and loyal – aka more trustworthy. So, if you're looking for the best content for your ads, UGC creators are a great choice.

How to find UGC creators

There are several ways to find content creators, but each method has pros and cons. Let's investigate them together!

UGC platforms, like Clip

Using a dedicated UGC platform is the fastest and most efficient way to find content creators. For example, at Clip we have a database of over 1,500 local content creators who are always ready to work. And the best part – the videos come fully licensed for organic and paid advertising channels, forever.

Pros of using a UGC platform

If you're wondering where to find UGC creators, Clip is your answer. Besides the fact that you'll easily find vetted and diverse content creators, there are more advantages to using a dedicated UGC platform:

  • Accountability: If something happens, you're protected. Either another creator will make the content for you, or you'll get a refund. If you don't use a platform (for example, if you choose to work directly with someone on Instagram), there's no protection if the creator doesn't deliver. UGC platforms provide a high level of accountability for their creators, which means less risk for you.
  • Messaging: On Clip, you have a direct line to chat with creators. So no worries about ending up in a spam/message request folder or paying extra for communication tools.
  • Delivery: Clip's creators deliver videos in 7-10 days, and you can download them directly from your content library. That's the beauty of accountability: when you work directly with creators, they take longer. (And when they deliver, you have to download your files from Google Drive – yes, this is still happening in 2024!)

Cons of using a UGC platform

Unsurprisingly, we think the pros outweigh the cons of using a UGC platform like Clip. But, there are a couple of things to keep in mind if you choose a UGC platform:

  • Formats: Not all platforms provide all types of UGC – for example, although we have video content creators on Clip, you won't find photographers or reviewers.
  • Details: Not all UGC platforms include everything the way Clip does, so you need to read the fine print to figure out costs, licensing, and more.

Freelancing platforms like Fiverr or UpWork

You're probably familiar with Fiverr and UpWork – you can use these sites to hire almost any freelancer. Let's examine the pros and cons of working with freelancer platforms if you're trying to find UGC creators:

Pros of using a freelancing platform

  • Services: There's a wide range of creators available, and you can find people providing all sorts of services – from video creation, to photography, and beyond.
  • Numbers: Freelancing sites generally have a large pool of talent.

Cons of using a freelancing platform

Even though freelancing platforms have options, that's a weakness if you're specifically trying to find UGC creators. Here are the main cons of using freelancing platforms to find content creators:

  • Clunky: Freelancing platforms aren't great at servicing UGC. It's not their focus, and their systems don't support it. It's hard to request edits or get high-res videos.
  • Accountability: You can reach out to support if you receive subpar UGC, but these platforms offer so many services that there's no chance they'll be held accountable. It could also take a while to resolve your case.
  • Prices: Creators charge unpredictable fees. Some even charge separate licensing fees. Having a predictable budget is almost impossible.

Social media

It makes sense that social media is a popular place to find creators. After all, everyone's profile is a portfolio of how they make content. Let's examine the pros and cons:

Pros of using social media

  • Variety: On social media, there's a wide variety of content creators to choose from. For example, if you plug in a hashtag related to your brand on Instagram search, you'll find tens or hundreds of posts to pick from. The options make this super attractive.
  • Examples: When you discover a content creator on social media, you see a ton of examples of their work and how it performs.

Cons of using social media

  • Time: Finding creators on social media is time-consuming. To find 10 creators, you'll need to go through at least 100 profiles, which takes time. Then out of 10, maybe 3 of them will respond. Let's pretend you get 3 responses… You may end up working with 1 of those 3. It's not scalable because it takes too much time and effort. Finding creators is a numbers game.
  • Influencers: Most content creators you'll find on social media are influencers. As such, they'll charge more for content and might have separate licensing fees.
  • Clunky: Like freelancing platforms, social media isn't designed to be a UGC platform. Creators will send you their email address, and you'll have to receive files, ask for edits, and follow up with creators from there. It's not efficient.

How do you pick a platform to find content creators?

If you're unsure how you want to find content creators for your brand, never fear! In this section, we'll show you what you need to prioritize. (Obviously, we hope you'll give Clip a try, but we want to help you make the best decision for your brand)

There are three main factors to consider:


When working with content creators, pick a method that doesn't put your brand at risk. If you work with a random creator on Instagram and you don't like their video, do you think they will do it again or provide a refund? Not a chance.

You need a dedicated platform with creators who know their stuff, features made for UGC, and protection for your brand if something goes wrong.


No matter what your budget looks like, pricing is important. You don't want to spend thousands of dollars on testimonial videos when you could get performance-driven UGC for less.

Since we're talking about pricing, try to get the most bang for your buck. Pick a platform that includes as many features as possible in their base price, and doesn't compromise on quality. For example, at Clip video licensing and one round of edits are included. And we still deliver best-in-class UGC.

Creator pool

Finally, make sure you have a large pool of creators to pick from.

If you suspect the creator pool you're drawing from is too large, try using a platform that vets its content creators. For example, at Clip, only 7% of applicants make it through our screening process.

Example: where to find UGC creators who deliver RESULTS

Since you've read this far, we wanted to show you an example of how finding content creators and getting them working for you can boost your sales.

Holy Grail Nail used Clip to run UGC ads with a 4.6x ROAS and a £7.8 cost per purchase. Amazing!

You can read their use case to see the videos that performed best for them. And if you want results like theirs, book a demo with us or start a campaign today.

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